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Day 1 Means a Clean Slate & Fresh Start

Today was day 1 of starting fresh!  I’m calling it a re-start, a refresh, a renewal, a re-commitment, to my health, my fitness, my journey…to being my best self each and every day.  365 days, 365 new starts.

You don’t need a new year, a new month, a Monday, an after the holidays, after the summer…. Every day is a new day and I’m using this program as a fresh start.  & I’m grateful for an amazing group of women walking this journey with me.

So much of it is mental, honestly, it’s the way we see things an the way we perceive things.  What we think becomes.  What we think, we act on.  So start speaking to yourself in a different way and don’t let the negativity in.  Stop the chatter in your head, shut it down!  …remember, ‘the voice you believe will determine the future you experience.’ (Steven Furtick, Crash the Chatterbox)

Want a different future, listen to a different voice and make different choices.  It’s up to you and I believe you and I were made for more, to live a more fulfilling life and to live out loud.


Ok, now that I got that off my chest…how about some food!  I wanted to give you guys a sample of what this first week entails.  Now, there are tons of options and depending on your height and weight, your gender, etc …depends on how much food you get.

Breakfast was 2 eggs with some spinach and organic monterrey jack cheese.  Yum!  With a side of coffee.  I cooked my eggs with a little coconut oil.






Then I had a snack of my superfoods healing shake with some fruit on the side.  Sometimes I blend it up together but I thought I’d eat it separate for once.  I usually buy frozen organic fruits for the most part, that way I don’t have to worry about them going bad.  If you heat them up just a tad, it makes them soft and creates a little juice.  So good!  Tastes like a treat.  =)





Then for lunch I had an amazing salad.  I used to take salads every day when I worked outside of the house, After 2 years of that, I kind of burned myself out on them…so I took a long hiatus from them for probably about 2 years!  lol.  Ever burned yourself out on a certain food??  Well…I’m over it, obviously.  This salad had chicken breast, black beans, avocado, mixed lettuce, a little shredded carrot, and  2 tbsp organic balsamic vinaigrette dressing.   Many things I don’t buy organic, but many I do.  Always check labels to see what you’re getting regardless.  For salad dressings, it’s a must…better quality oils, non-gmo, organic.  Makes my body happy.  =)


2nd snack of the day was a small apple with about 2 tsp of almond butter.  Be careful of the nut butters you’re buying.  Many have added oils and sugar.  I always read the labels, doesn’t have to necessarily be organic but make sure it’s just the nuts and maybe a little salt, but that’s it.




Dinner was salmon with sweet potato and broccoli.  Yum!  Keep in mind, the meal plan is tailored to your body and needs.  Many complain about there being too much food and having a hard time fitting it in.  It’s all about getting the right nutrients for our body.  Many of us are nutrient-deficient!  And we set out to lose weight, and cut our daily intake.  That’s all fine and good, but you need to make sure what you’re getting in is quality, clean foods and that’s why it’s important to supplement with high quality, clean supplements from whole foods to give our body everything it needs and anything it’s missing…regardless of where you’re at in your journey.  It’s impossible to get it all from food alone unfortunately.

I am used to eating a little more protein, veggies and good fats…but I’m sticking to it and going to see how it goes.  It’s only 21 days and the meal plan varies from week to week, lowering the starchier carbs and adding some protein and veggies.  Yay!

& just a side note….I know there are tons of supplements out there – pills, wraps, drinks, shakes, patches, added ketones… don’t be fooled by quick and easy.  Manipulating our bodies to shortcut and block out carbs or lose fat quickly, spike our energy, is just that.  You may initially see results, but at some point it will catch up with you.

My superfoods are an enhancement to my healthy lifestyle of food and fitness to make sure my body gets all it needs and isn’t lacking anything.  It’s not a weight loss shake, not a gimmick, not some quick fix.  It’s wholesome nutrition for my body in one quick convenient way. Bonus is it tastes like a treat.  ;-)

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Have an awesome day!  xx, Alicia