My thoughts on passion, motivation, feelings and then some…

I hear so many say they don’t have the ‘passion’ or the ‘motivation’ to get started, whether with their health & fitness, their dreams, their life, whatever it is.

They’re waiting to be motivated, waiting for their passion. You know what I think about motivation & passion?! It’s a load of 💩 It’s that bullshit story you keep telling yourself. It’s an excuse & I’ve learned that excuses are well planned lies!

It’s not some pie in the sky kind of thing. You’re not just going to wake up one day & be motivated. You create it by taking ACTION.

Get up & put yourself to work, start doing what you know to be true, what you know you need to or should be doing to reach your goals…the motivation & passion will come. But it comes by you doing it regardless of how you ‘feel.’ Feelings can be flighty, they can be liars, they can lead you down the wrong paths.

I always stick with truth. Truth will never fail, but feelings will & you’ll be riding a hellish up & down roller coaster ride.

It’s kind of like that ‘I’ll be happy when…’ mentality. I used to have it too, believe me. It was always putting my happiness off for a better time, when this or that happens, when I accomplish this goal, I have this title, I have this possession or that.

Once you get there, it’s a short lived happiness & then you’re again searching & trying to figure out your ‘passion’ & motivation, trying desperately to fill this unfillable void.

Friends, quit searching in all the wrong things, places & faces. There’s only one true source for happiness & peace that passes all understanding no matter your circumstances, no matter what you’ve been through.

Rich or poor, sickness or health, in good times & bad times…God is my rock & that’s how I roll!! 🎸

But hey regardless of whether you believe in or follow Him… quit waiting to feel like it, for the passion & motivation to hit you. If I had waited on that, I’d still be broke, depressed, living in fear, regret, doubt, insecurity, hoping & praying for a better tomorrow that never comes because I don’t get up & get to work on my dreams!!

Thank God I did! Because that life sucked!! I don’t think I even realized then how bad until I started working on it each day, working on a better version of me little by little. It’s one small decision at a time. It’s a choice.

& Oh what a journey…that I’ve only just begun.

& here’s a note to my believers, if you’re waiting on feelings, passion & motivation…you know what that tells me?! It tells me you’re not being obedient to the call on your life. God doesn’t ask whether you’re motivated or passionate about it. He places it in your heart to do something, he asks you to step out in faith, in obedience regardless of how you feel. He rewards your obedience, doing it no matter what! It’s not about what you want, it’s about what He wants. Take your focus off yourself & put the focus on Him.

When you do, it may be weird, it may be uncomfortable, out of the box, out of the norm, not what you feel like doing, not what your passionate about or motivated to do…but when you do it anyway, He rewards you with the passion, the motivation, the ‘how to,’ he brings the people, He opens the doors that no man can open & closes the doors that no man can shut.

& you know what, when you push through, you seek Him for your every move, trust & obey & step forward in faith & take action regardless. It feels pretty damn good once you’re through it & you want to do it again & again & again!!!

I heard a quote this past weekend, ‘Gods gift to us is potential, it’s up to us to use it!!!!’

Can I get an amen?! & what you don’t use you will lose.

If you’re not using it, you should be. Want the floodgates to open & your prayers to be answered. Trust Him & obey & step out in faith, into the unknown. But just remember to be careful what you pray for… He’s got a sense of humor & may answer those prayers but in a different way.

Rest assured though, He will never ever leave you or forsake you. He is peace & love abounding. Lean into Him! & watch your life change. 💕